Family Leave-Employement Laws- Pregnancy-Nursing Resources:

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry 

 A. Economic Security for women:

                                                 -Wage disclosure

                                                 -Pregnancy Accommodations
                                                 -Nursing Mothers
                                                 -Sick & Safe Leave

B. Pregnancy and Parental Leave, FMLA

League of Minnesota Cities Resources: 

     A.  Reasonable Accommodations

     B.  Family Medical Leave Act

​     C.  Basic Employment Law (Magazine) 

 Womens Economic Security Act Information and Statutes    Enacted July 1, 2014

Who should an employee call if she is not being provided time or space to express milk at work?
For help with these requirements, the employee should call the Minnesota Department of Labor and                Industry at 651-284-5070 or 800-342-5354. If you have questions beyond what is posted please contact MDLI by the phone numbers provided above or email They have been very helpful in the past.

For Employors:

If cities have questions related to an employee’s pregnancy – such as reasonable accommodations, leave, etc. –

Contact: the League of Minnesota Cities, including the HR staff and/or employment attorneys Jana Sullivan and/or Hannah Felix.  

To better serve our members, this information is in progress.  If you have any questions on resources, please email the executive board at


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Free Educational-Online Training Resources:

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Police One for Women Officers:

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