Carolen Bailey Mentoring Award

A law enforcement officer who encompasses demonstrable skill or actions that have (1) provided assistance to women in law enforcement, (2) developed programs or policies favorable to women, (3) served on committees to review women's issues and propose recommendations or (4) other skills or activities that have advanced women in policing.

Excellence in Performance Award

Any female law enforcement officer who encompasses demonstrable, excellent skills related to day-to-day police assignments including, but not limited to, investigative work, street activity (uniformed or plainclothes), supervision or leadership, special assignments, decoy/sting operations, and/or any other day-to-day performance that is considered excellent.

Melissa Schmidt Community Service Award

Any female law enforcement officer who encompasses all the criteria listed in the Excellence in Performance Award and performs demonstrable skill or activities in the design, implementation and/or participation in (1) community or school projects, (2) neighborhood watches, (3) town meetings, (4) cultural groups, or (5) other community related activities.

Recognition of Heritage Award

Any female law enforcement officer who is currently active or recently retired who reached a landmark year of 25, 30, 35 or higher years of service as a law enforcement officer in the State of Minnesota. The years of service can be a combination of different departments. Any female law enforcement officer's name that is submitted, who meets the qualifications, will be recognized.

2019  Scholarships

The scholarship’s purpose is to provide financial assistance to qualified women seeking a career in law enforcement.  To qualify, the female student must be within twelve months of successfully completing a P.O.S.T. approved law enforcement program at the time of application. 

Excellence in Service Award

Any female member of a law enforcement agency who is either sworn or non-sworn in a reserve, community service, cadet, or detention officer position and who has gone above and beyond their duties to support their organization or their partners.

Minnesota Association of Women Police

2015 Scholarship Recipients:

  • Karen Rice Memorial Scholarship: Hayley Springer
  • Melissa Schmidt Memorial Scholarship: Kendra Rasmuson


Officer of The Year Award

Any female law enforcement officer who, along with encompassing all the criteria of the Excellence in Performance Award, has a history of excellence in leadership, community service and mentoring and day-to-day performance. 

2019 Awards

 Do  you know an outstanding female police officer or a non-sworn individual  who has made a significant impact in their community?  Every year we recognize the individuals for their hard work and dedication to the profession.


2015 Award Recipients

  • Medal of Valor: Laura Finnegan, St. Paul Police Department
  • Officer of the Year: Candice Jones, St. Paul Police Department
  • Recognition of Heritage: Chief Penny Vought, Waseca PD and Lt. Kim Lund Minneapolis PD.  Both 30 years.
  • Excellence in Performance: Sheila Larson, St. Paul PD
  • Excellence in Support: Mary Lou Fiala, Minneapolis PD
  • Excellence in Service: Erin Spruance-Department of Corrections
  • Melissa Schmidt Community Service Award: Sgt. Maggie Titus-Columbia Heights PD
  • Community Service Award: Andrea Newton, Burnsville PD and Jennifer Lenarz-DCSO
  • Carolen Bailey Mentoring Award: Amber Degidio Wick, Minneapolis PD
  • Leadership Award: Sgt. Darcy Horn, Minneapolis PD

Excellence in Support Award

This award is a competitive award to recognize a female who is the member of the support staff for a law enforcement agency who provides excellent day-to-day performance and who helps enhance the agency through innovative thinking,problem solving, leadership and mentoring to other support staff personnel and law enforcement officers within their agency.

Leadership Award

Any female law enforcement officer who encompasses all the criteria listed in the Excellence in Performance Award and performs demonstrable skills in (1) problem solving, (2) planning and organization, (3) communication
and (4) administration.

Community Service Award

Any female law enforcement officer who volunteers in their community events, has developed community event(s), or currently plays an active role through volunteer work in the community in which they are employed. 

Medal of Valor Award

To be awarded to any officer who gives her life in the line of duty or to any officer who distinguishes herself by an act of bravery or heroism, at risk of her own personal safety or in the face of great danger, above and beyond the call of duty.