Holiday Inn and Suites: Duluth, MN 2014

Thank you to all of our attendees and our amazing speakers:

Lockup: Sgt. Weinbeck, Brooklyn Park PD and Officer Seifert, Bloomington PD

Human Trafficking: Sgt. Gainey, St. Paul PD

Homicide Case Study: Lt. Erickson, Brooklyn Park PD

MN School Safety Center: Nancy Lageson and Gina Wieler

Women and Leadership: Keynote Speaker Retired Commander McNamara LAPD

Occupation Stress and LE: LeAnne Renteria and Shane Mikkelson

First Responders and Explosives: Sgt. Adamek, St. Paul PD

Fight Back Lessons from an Assault Survivor: Angela Champagne

National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children: Lori Moriarty

Our attendees accepting the Board's challenge to his the streets of Duluth in their MAWP swag and submit some awesome photos, here they are:

Minnesota Association of Women Police